Monday, November 20, 2006

Tis the season!

You've probably already been out and seen them...the Salvation Army Bell ringers! It used to be that you'd first see them at the "start" of the holiday shopping season, usually, the day after Thanksgiving. But now, they have to start their campaign a little earlier, as the need for the people they help is greater every year.

You probably saw the little village camped out in front of Best Buy last week too. Dozen's of folks braving the cold and more than rough conditions, waiting in line for the latest Playstation "toy" to arrive. Not food, not clothes, a TOY. The news has been full of stories of people across the country doing the same thing. In some cities, police had to be called out and there were even random acts of shootings with pellet guns and beatings, all because of a "TOY".

Thursday is Thanksgiving. A day set aside to reflect on many things to give thanks for. My hope for you is that you'll be able to spend the day with family and friends and make many happy memories. My wish is that each of you takes the time to reflect on your many blessings; living in a country that values freedom, your health, your job, your dreams, and your ability to help those whose blessings may be harder to see on the surface. May you reflect on what is "really important" this Thanksgiving. My prayer is that for every family who has an empty place setting at their table this year, such as Hoppy Gilmore's family, that you may be comforted.

Enjoy the day!

Oh, and did I mention that the Salvation Army Bell ringers campaign has already started?