Friday, September 22, 2006

What I Learned Last Night on Grey's Anatomy

“Time Has Come Today”

Episode 1 was titled “Time Has Come Today” because each person needed to “seize the day” and deal with the things they were avoiding. Some of these issues we’ve known about, some were new and some were exposed to us during various flashbacks of the interns before they were interns.

Christina: Christina’s role in the episode was to set Shiva for Denny because of her Jewish faith. Shiva is a way of dealing with death by basically stopping all daily activities except for eating. What we come to find out is that the Shiva isn’t really for Denny or Izzy, it’s for the others who are all dealing with other issues.
Key Moment: When she cries in Burke’s hospital room and tells him to never die.

George: George gets quarantined for the plague with McDreamy and he reveals to him that he can’t tell Callie he loves her yet, but he will soon-ish. He also tells him that he told Meredith he loved her. McDreamy tells him to let Callie know how he feels before someone else comes along. Foreshadowing? Maybe.
Key Moment: Callie hugs George and says “I love you.” George kisses her, but still doesn’t say it back.

Callie: She had the best line of the night and I finally started to like her—not that I hated her before, but she finally seemed like one of the “family” last night. Callie comes over to help with the Shiva in hopes that George will come home and notice her. She also explains to Finn how the interns are mentally still 17 and he should give Meredith a break.
Key Moment: “I’m a total freak. I’m the girl in the back of the class who eats her hair.”

Addison: We see Addison finally dealing with the fact that she is the reason for her own bad marriage and she should stop blaming McDreamy.
Key Moment: When she tells the teenagers that secrets always come out.

Alex: The most important thing we see about Alex is in a comment he makes to Addison. When dealing with the teenage girls who abandoned a baby he tells her that people can overcome a rough childhood. He says that you just have to survive and then you can do anything. Total insight as to why he does the things he does!

Meredith: We learn more about Meredith’s mom and her relationship with Dr. Webber (which has finally led to Dr. Webber getting a divorce from his wife). She’s deemed the “dark and twisty” one of the bunch because of her parents and her uncontrollable actions while under the influence of Tequila. Meredith and Finn talk about her night with McDreamy and Finn says he’s still in the “race” for her love. Meredith tells Christina that she lost her panties (which Addison now has).
Key Moment: McDreamy admits he loves her and tells her she has a choice to make. (We know! We’ve been waiting all summer for her decision!)

McDreamy: While in quarantine he tells George that he hasn’t told Meredith he loves her yet. But he does! He rushes to her house, says he loves her and she has a decision to make but she should take her time because when he had a decision to make he made the wrong one. I think we know now that he’s given up on Addison.
Key Moment: In a flashback we see him with Meredith their first night at Joe’s Bar and he says “I’m the kind of guy you grow to love”.

Izzy: Izzy spends the entire episode in her prom dress on the bathroom floor. She doesn’t cry, she doesn’t scream, she just lies there. She tells Meredith that she doesn’t want to be “poor Izzy on the bathroom floor in her prom dress” but she doesn’t know how to be anything else right now.
Key Moment: We see a flashback of Izzy the day before she started at Seattle Grace and she says “I can’t wait to be a surgeon tomorrow.” We also see Alex telling her that she won’t make it a year. Ouch.


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