Monday, August 28, 2006

Blog from Lexington

It’s Monday at 4:30 PM (ET) and I’m in my hotel room. Next to me are four different newspapers and I have CNN on the TV. What you didn’t see yesterday was that all four networks stayed on local coverage all day. The only interruption was the evening television. And since we’re on Eastern time we have news at 11 PM. I stayed up and watched everything I could.

I’m learning that I can’t believe everything the news media says. That’s not to say that they’re lying. In this case they’re taking small pieces of information and trying to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible. Why? I believe it’s human nature. We all want to know what happened. What went wrong. We all want the answers.

I’m also learning how quickly stories die in the press. Everything on TV is about the JonBonet Ramsey case. I’m not seeing anything about Comair Flight 5191 anymore.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is investigating the crash. They are a stand-alone agency so they will be unbiased in the investigation. We have been warned by them to not believe everything the media reports because the NTSB will give us the information as soon as they can. In fact, they had meetings with the families before they even held today’s press conference. They have warned us that one piece of information doesn’t mean much until the whole puzzle is put together. My family and I have resigned ourselves to the idea that we will not really know what happened for at least a year…if not longer.

To be honest…that’s not really of much concern to us right now. All we want to do is get our brother and son home. Hopefully that will be done by the end of the week.

I’ve heard that we’re getting a lot of emails and phone calls. Thank you for that. I know the Froggy 99.9 staff is hurting as well. Kelly spent a lot of time with them over the past few years and they mourn his loss too.

I would also like to thank Kevin Wallevand from channel 6 for the nice piece he did last night.

I will be back on the air as soon as I can. I also hope to answer each of your emails. But if I don’t, please know that we appreciate your words…thoughts…and prayers.


One more thing...the only survivor lost 39 pints of blood. If you want to do something to honor my brother's life please donate in our Labor Day Blood Drive.


At 2:42 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger Amy said...

Hi, I live in Louisville and we are getting continuous coverage about the crash. I totally agree with what the media is saying. They are definitely taking little tidbits of information and running with it. There's way too much speculation going on with our local media. Very careless journalism and alot of it can only be hurtful for the families. There's no need to speculate and provide only small parts of the story. The NTSB has said it may take up to a year for the investigation to be finalized. I wish the media would respect that and not report their speculations as fact.

I don't know how you're getting through all this, but alot of people are praying for you and feel your loss.


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