Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Intern's Blog

Hi, my name is Reese Ribbitspoon and I am the newest addition to the Froggy Gang as their intern! It really has been fun so far! The whole radio programming thing is rather confusing and you’d be surprised at how much work goes in to it! Before I got here I thought they just played music and read the news…how hard could that really be? BOY WAS I WRONG!! :)

I come in MWF mornings at about 7, and I am not the best morning for me another huge eye opener was how many people are actually up at that time in the a.m. I don’t think I even knew it was light out at that time :) ha! But now I am used to it and I think I could stick with becoming a morning person…we’ll see!

Everyone is so nice; I felt welcome right when I got there so that was big for me! The Froggy Gang Morning Show’s Pete, Anne and Gilmore are just as fun off the air as they are on! I have gotten to work with Lilly Pad a lot. She is very nice and has got me doing a lot of things for not only Froggy but for some of the other stations, which is fun because it keeps me busy! So yes, overall it has been a great experience thus far, I am looking forward to this summer…Ribfest, the Fair and of course WE Fest!!! :)

I don’t know for sure if I will ever be on the air or not, I am a little nervous which I don’t really know why because before I got this internship I used to ALWAYS call in to radio stations and always get on the air and just LOVE to listen to myself…ha! Now I just wouldn’t want to screw anything up so there is a little pressure there! Who knows…maybe someday…just keep listening! :)


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