Tuesday, December 06, 2005


A man called this morning to tell us about his co-worker, Ray, who's son is being deployed to Afghanistan with the 188th this week. Ray asked to take a few hours, which he would make up later in the week, to see his son off at the airport. He was told he would have to take a day of vacation, which Ray objected to, as sending your son off to war hardly qualifies as "vacation." Ray didn't put in for any vacation, but he did go to the airport, and when he returned to work, Ray was asked for his ID badge and suspended indefinitely for insubordination.

I understand company rules and rules of human resources, but I'm personally outraged to see that zero tolerance, once again, overrides common sense and decency. It's my hope that Ray will be back at work soon, though I wonder if he'll feel empty inside when he sees the numerous "we support our troops" signs which hang on the walls of his workplace.

-Anne Phibian


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