Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Let the Christmas Music Begin!

I love Christmas music!

There's something comforting about hearing those songs I've grown up with. Kenny Rogers, Alabama, Bing Crosby...even the Chipmunks!

I would think that Christmas music would be difficult for today's current artists to record. For me, it's the songs that I grew up with that have such an impact on my Christmas memories. But what about the new versions? It takes me a year or two to warm up to them. It's like the song hasn't left an imprint on my brain until it's gone through the Christmas season with me at least once.

Two "new" Christmas carols I've really grown to like come from SheDaisy. Their renditions of "Deck the Halls" and "Jingle Bells" are not knockoffs of the versions I grew up with. But their tight harmonies and new melodies have catapulted them to the same level as Martina McBride's "Oh, Holy Night" and the Oak Ridge Boys' "Thank God For Kids." (And Kenny Chesney's version for that matter!)

One artist not on my list of fav's: Christina Aguilara. Can somebody please explain to her that the "Oh" in "Oh, Holy Night" is one note...not 35.

-Hoppy Gilmore


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